Celebrate your special event with us here at Palermo, weddings, birthdays, corporate lunch, Christmas party, club functions, or even tailor a special event suited to your needs- we have the space to cater for all types of events.

Private Dining

Palermo has 3 beautifully designed semi private dining spaces. Our chic retractable glass doors create total flexibility according to your group size. Each room contemporary but with rustic wood tabletops, bentwood chairs, exposed-brick walls and even the uncovered tuscan mural which accentuates the Italian / Argentinian theme of the restaurant.

Groups from 8 – 40 guests in semi private dining areas.

The Mezzanine

A beautiful space overlooking the restaurant, made up of an extra long tan leather banquette, exposed brick walls and large windows looking out to the lane, the mezzanine is a more casual option which still encapsulates the atmosphere of the restaurant.

Groups from 8-32 in the Mezzanine Area

Palermo | Melbourne | Argentinian Steakhouse

 Up to 32

The Dining Room

Available for hire for any group of over 40 – 100.

Only for large group sit down lunches.

Set menu

With our sharing style set menus we focus on the simplicity of Argentine cooking, slow-roasting the finest meats atop the glowing red coals of Melbourne’s first Asado fire pit and combining it with our classic Parrilla (charcoal grill) to give the cuts that iconic Argentinian flavour.

The first menu the “Coca Sarli” named after the bombshell actress and glamour model in the 50’s the coca sarli is sure to satisfy all tastes.

Named after the famous Tango singer; “Carlos Gardel” menu will take you on a tour of what Argentinian cuisine is all about, it includes all our house favourites. The “Asado” menu is a selection of our premium and chefs favourite meats giving you 3 options for you to choose from; Check them out here!

Terms and Conditions apply for all group bookings. Contact us to find out more

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